DeFi Zone
DeFi is an abbreviation of the phrase decentralized finance. It allows anyone in the world to conduct financial activities without geographic or time limits by building decentralized agreements for open financial systems.
DeFi is divided into many tracks based on its role in financial activities, including: Click to unfold
1、DeFi Loans
Asset lending and borrowing services are provided to users with decentralized lending agreements. Users with idle assets can obtain income by lending assets, while users with asset borrowing needs can borrow assets and carry out other financial activities without verification.
Provide a benchmark price for decentralized lending. Users of in decentralized loans can lend or borrow based on the price of the predictor to avoid losses resulted by price deviating from the markets.
3、DiFi Exchange(DEX)
An exchange that does not require registration to trade and is more anonymous than a centralized exchange. But the liquidity is weaker compared with centralised exchanges.
About DeFi