500,000 USDT DF + SAND waiting for you

Recharge voting to share 220,000 DF and 2.4 million SAND airdrop, half price to buy 330,000 DF and 3.6 million SAND using HT vote

① Deposit and vote to win airdrops
② HT voters enjoy 50% discount
③ Results
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Event rules
Phase I: deposit and vote rules
1. Users can deposit any candidate project in the "deposit voting" stage. At the end of the event, votes of the project will be calculated according to the effective deposited amount in the project.
2. User can obtain airdrop qualification when accumulated recharge amount is greater than 100 DF or 1081 SAND, and the rewards will be divided according to the effective recharge amount.
3. When the user's recharge amount is greater than 49505 DF or 540074 SAND, 49505 DF or 540074 SAND will be used to calculate the airdrop rewards, and the excess part will not be included.
Phase II: HT voting rules
1. From 2020-09-02 00:00:00 to 2020-09-09 23:59:59, users will be eligible to vote when the minimum daily HT holdings are greater than 1000 HT.
2. All users who participate in HT voting will be eligible to exchange the project token at a discount.
3. At the end of the voting, the HT voted by the user will be exchanged into the token of the project at a discounted price and the HT left will be returned.
4. 100 lucky users will be drawn from each project. Winners will share 20% of the total exchange quota according to their HT voting amount.
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